Pinot Noir Adesso


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This is just the 2nd release of the wine which was the happy result of "an experiment gone right"! It was left in barrel for 15 months to evolve and mature but it was only after 10 months that we added some preservative.  
Without any preservative for such a long period, the wine’s journey of development has taken it to a unique and special location. A more assertive tannin structure flirts with a more complex, intense and brooding personality. This is a distinctly more powerful pinot noir and quite the contrast to the more elegant and pretty Pinot Noir Les cinq or the savoury and voluptuous Pinot Noir L’ami sage - our other single vineyard pinot noir wines. Only 2 barrels of this wine were produced [about 45 dozen bottles].
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Shipping is a flat fee per state, per case of 1 to 12 bottles. For international shipping please contact us at wine@paradigmhil.com.au

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