Pinot Noir L’ami sage 2018


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The 2018 season overview 
The 2018 harvest was a joy after having endured the challenges of the most difficult weather-related fruit losses in the 2017 vintage. Blessed with exceptional quality throughout the vineyard, we managed to harvest at the perfect “sweet spot” for all the pinot noir. With ideal levels of retained acidity and optimal ripeness, the wines are showing excellent approachability in their youth but also promise to deliver enjoyment over many years as they evolve slowly and age graciously.
Pinot noir L’ami sage 2018
L’ami sage has more palate intensity with enticing, darker red fruit aromas followed by the expected savoury, fleshy and earthy character. Always showing a bit more assertiveness on the palate with a tad more richness than Les Cinqyet exhibiting both subtlety and power. The fine, abundant tannin structure builds on the palate and there is generosity, together with a long complex and balanced fresh finish.

James Halliday Wine Companion Review Ratings [reproduced with permission]

Year:                                       2018   2017  2016   2015    2014     2013    2012    2011    2010    

Pinot Noir L’ami sage:           n.r.     94      94       96        93         96        94        94        93        

Pinot Noir Les cinq:               n.r.     96      93       97        96         95        95        95        95  

Pinot Noir Adesso                 n.r.      93     96     

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