Environmentally Sustainable Winegrowing

We have Maintained a Zero Carbon footprint since 2016:


We believe we have achieved a zero carbon foot print from our activities at Paradigm Hill. In addition to having been our own “Carbon Cops” and audited and then reviewed all our energy consumption, we have also installed a substantial 132 panel, 30kWh photo voltaic cell [PV Cell] system that is rated to generate about 40+ Mega Watt Hours of electricity per year.

We feed power into the grid when it isn’t needed here - and then draw down when we require it! We export about 1/3rd of our production [about 15 Mega Watt hours] and also have a 17kWH batter back up.

Sustainability Victoria/Green Business Network- Case Study on Paradigm Hill:

A detailed review of the range of environmental sustainability activities at Paradigm Hill has formed the basis of a case study that was undertaken by Sustainability Victoria, The Green business Network and the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

To down load the case study click here (1.3 MB)