The Vineyard

It has often been said, great wine is made in the vineyard – and this is why we believe that our terroir is so vitally important to our wines character. We have just over 10 acres of north facing gently sloping vineyard. The vineyard has been established with a very low density of vines (average only 500 vines per acre) grafted onto vigour limiting, salinity and phylloxera resistant rootstock. The trellis runs north south and vines have been trained to a VSP approach with a keen eye on ensuring a balanced vine. We are committed to using only estate grown grapes for on site production of pinot noir, shiraz , pinot gris and riesling. The philosophy of our wine making is to guide the wine with minimal intervention through the vinification process – and this is how we believe that we can maximize the varietal character from our terroir, for each of our wines. Our fruit is picked by loving hands, with vintage being a time for celebration.